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6. How many hours per week are you planning working on your business idea?*

7. What are your goals in your academic career?*

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13. Is your company a subsidiary?*
A subsidiary is a company that is partly or completely owned by another company that holds a controlling interest in the subsidiary company.

14. What customer problem are you solving? What needs are you satisfying?*

15. What is your solution? What bundles of products and services are you offering your customers?*

16. Why is your product unique? Why do you believe you have a competitive advantage?*

17. Do you have any traction yet? We are looking for metrics on customers, users, revenue, etc.*

18. Do you have a plan for your revenue model? Tell us what you are thinking to do.*

19. If you had any, please tell us the revenue achieved for your company last year.*

20. If you’ve raised capital for your venture, please tell us how much you have raised since inception.*

21. Do you have any provisional or pending patents or do you believe you have proprietary intellectual property (e.g. trade secrets)?*

22. What goals/milestones have you achieved with your fashion business idea to date?*

23. What goals/milestones are you working towards for your fashion business idea?*

28. Do you identify with a...?
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25. If accepted into the Zone, what specific skills are you looking to gain, or education are you looking to learn from the Company you'll be paired with?*

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